Finish drywall process 

As we mentioned before  finish drywall is an art and making walls smooth is one of the hardest process in the construction trade, everybody  will tell you the steps to complete this particular process some are right about how to complete your project. What they won't tell you is how long took a pro to master the trade and we think it's very important for customers to know this.

Writing a process and doing the process are totally different things The truth is that for some pros takes at least 2 years to dominate this trade, We know a lot of handy people that are great for a lot of things but when the moment comes for Drywall they rather hire a pro. The reason is because you need to have this:

1-All the expensive tools that only pros have.(around 4,000 in tools) 

2- What it makes a Pro is at least 10,000 hours of practice (according to Malcolm Gladwell )

3- People doesn't know what type of materials to use. (we can tell you that's not a problem)

4- Dust. People just don't like this process . That's why we encourage our customers to hire to complete this process. 

The list could be longer but we think this 4 points will make you think that hiring for your next project could be a great chance for you to have a great and smooth wall.

Just let us Sheetrock you!