Cleaning process

After Drywall has been installed many times Drywall scrap becomes an issue because many Drywall contractors assume customers know that clients need to deal with all the scrap. With DreamDrywall  we take care of that as well in our price we also cover all that . Our service provide a group of guys that will come after drywall has been installed to take all drywall scrap to set up your  job for the next process the taping and making your walls smooth .

In order for our taping crew to start they need to have the place clean and ready to start . That's why after all drywall has been installed we will send our group of guys to clean the job. In this process it's very important for our customers to know that is part of what we do.

The process of cleaning could be very difficult because there are couple things to consider  if you want to do the project by your self or other company .

1- Where to put all scrap

2- I need 2 more people to remove all drywall scrap from the job. (Especially if job was done on the basement ) 

3- You might need a big truck depending on the job

Remember we're trying to make your drywall project easier than ever, and drywall nightmare into a DreamDrywall project.

Just let us sheetrock you!